With liver disease on the rise and the promise of more cures made possible through new discovery, we need more research focused on liver disease and more hepatologists and health care professionals trained to provide care for patients suffering from liver disease.

Since 2000, AASLD Foundation (initially through AASLD) has invested more than $55 million to advance innovative hepatology research and support the people who study and treat liver disease through our Research and Career Development Awards program.

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Applications are now being accepted for the 2022 Awards Cycle


Open AASLD Foundation funding opportunities are posted at

Applications must be submitted electronically via the portal below and are due at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the specified deadline.

You must be an AASLD member to be eligible for an AASLD Foundation Research or Career Development Award. If you are not already a member, you must apply for AASLD membership prior to submitting your application.

Program Deadlines for 2022

  • Bridge Award: January 18, 2022
  • Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Award: January 18, 2022



Candidates should review the “Application Formatting Instructions” section of the relevant RFA before submitting. All applications must:

  1. Include the cover pages and other required forms (e.g., project abstract form, IRB/IACUC form, etc.) provided in the program RFA.
  2. Adhere to stated page limits and include only the items listed in the program RFA’s “Required Documents” section.
  3. Be assembled in the order listed in the RFA’s “Required Documents” section and submitted as a single PDF.
  4. Page Layouts:
    • Margins: half-inch minimum
    • Main Text Font: 10-point minimum
    • Spacing: single-spaced
    • Headers: Include a header in the upper right corner of each page with the applicant’s name (last name, first name) and award name.

Candidates should ensure that all figures and legends are legible, as this can influence their proposal’s evaluation.


Select the award program below to begin your application submission: