AASLD Foundation Travel Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

Award-Related Travel Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

AASLD Foundation offers several funding programs that include support for travel to and participation in scientific programming. These programs include:

  • Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Fellow Award
  • Emerging Liver Scholar Program
  • Emerging Liver APP Program

Travel is not an allowable cost for any program not listed above.

General reimbursement guidelines are listed below for eligible programs. Awardees should refer to program-specific guidelines or restrictions in their notice of award and award guidelines documentation.

The following programs travel expenses include a flat payment as travel support as of January 1st, 2024:

  • Emerging Liver Scholar Program 
  • Emerging Liver APP Program 
  • Abstract Awards 

The below programs travel expenses include travel support on a reimbursement basis subject to following AASLD Foundations reimbursement policies and requirements:

  • Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Fellow Award

Reimbursement Policies

  • Awards are made to the individual and not their institution/employer.
    • Travel reimbursements will be paid to the awardee only. No reimbursement for travel funds will be paid to an institution/employer under any circumstances.
  • Awards cannot be transferred to another individual.
  • Travel funds are paid to the individual awardee on a reimbursement basis for actual travel expenses incurred.
  • Expenses in excess of the award amount will not be reimbursed by the AASLD Foundation under any circumstances.
  • Travel costs for cancelled trips are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • No funds will be distributed onsite, or prior to the awardee’s travel to and participation in the selected event(s).
  • No arrangements are provided “in-kind.”
  • Unused travel funds will be forfeited.

Reimbursement Submission Guidelines

  • The reimbursement funds will comply with all Internal Revenue Code requirements and any other applicable federal or state law. The recipient is responsible for providing the appropriate supporting tax documents to AASLD Foundation.
  • Reimbursements are paid by Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transfer for US recipients and wire transfer for international recipients. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing following receipt and approval of reimbursement documents by the AASLD Foundation.
  • Reimbursement requests must be signed by the awardee and submitted on the expense form provided by AASLD Foundation.
  • All reimbursement requests must adhere to AASLD Foundation standards as listed in notification materials and on the reimbursement form.
    • Itemized receipts must be submitted for all expenses. A receipt MUST support any single item of expense. AASLD Foundation will not reimburse for expenses that are not supported by a corresponding receipt.
    • Receipts must be submitted electronically with the signed travel expense report form and a scanned copy or photo of the original receipt.
    • No reimbursement is allowed for spousal or guest expenses.
    • All receipts must be translated into English (the Recipient may annotate receipts with translation).
    • All expenses incurred in foreign currencies or exchanges of currency must be converted to U.S. dollars on the reimbursement form and must include documentation supporting the calculation. Approved methods for documenting currency conversion are:
      • Itemized credit or debit card statement documenting the exchange rate. Note that itemized receipts for each expense must also be included as supporting documentation. 
      • Exchange rate on receipt.
      • OANDA’s Currency Converter, using the historical exchange rate for the exact dates of expense. Reimbursement request should include page printout or screen shot as proof of quote. Available at www.oanda.com/currency/converter
    • Event-specific travel awards: 
      • Required paperwork and receipts must be submitted to the AASLD Foundation within 120 days after the meeting end date. Travel funds not claimed within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the conclusion of the event attended will be forfeited. For the Emerging Liver Programs, this includes participating in the required housing for the program. Emerging Liver Program Awardees who chose to not stay in the program block forfeit their eligible travel support payment.
  • Awardees must participate in all required programming and presentations associated with the award, or funding will be forfeited.

Allowable Expense Guidelines

These allowable expense policies reflect AASLD Foundation’s non-profit tax status and responsible stewardship of awards funding. Foundation travel-related awards are meant to help offset, but not necessarily fully cover, the cost of attending the applicable meeting in-person.




Expense Type Reimbursable With Receipts Not Reimbursable




Registration Varies: Refer to your notification letter and award guidelines documentation Varies: Refer to your notification letter and award guidelines documentation




Air/Train Travel
  • Round-trip economy/coach class airfare or train fare for the awardee from originating city to meeting destination
  • AASLD Foundation is directly responsible for Air/Train fees for the Emerging Liver programs. If the Emerging Liver Scholar or APP chooses to book their travel separately, reimbursement of the costs is subject to approval by AASLD Foundation. 
  • Seat upgrades
  • Priority check-in or club fees
  • Overweight baggage fees
  • Tickets paid by airline mileage or reward programs
  • Travel costs if you cancel your trip or do not attend the meeting
  • Air/train fare for multi-city trips with stops not pertaining to the meeting (itineraries with layovers at airport between flights are not considered a multi-city trip). If you book a multi-city trip, you may request partial reimbursement for your flight by providing proof of what the roundtrip fare to the meeting city on same day the multi-city trip was booked. If approved, AASLD Foundation will reimburse for the lower of the two fares 




Mileage/Ground Transportation
  • Personal automobile mileage for trips up to 350 miles one-way (700 miles round-trip), limited to the current IRS business mileage rate at time of meeting. Mileage requests must include supporting documentation showing actual miles traveled (e.g., google maps, MapQuest, etc.)
  • Local public or taxi/rideshare transportation to and from airport and to and between the awardee’s local lodging and meeting location
  • Tolls and/or parking at the airport or meeting hotel for personal vehicles
  • Gas
  • Rental cars
  • Tolls and/or parking for rental cars
  • Mileage for trips other than to/from the destination or home airport or train station
  • Local transportation for travel between locations other than the airport, train station, local lodging, and meeting location (e.g., taxi fare to a local sightseeing attraction is not eligible for reimbursement)




  • AASLD Foundation is directly responsible for hotel/lodging fees for the Emerging Liver programs. In the event that the Emerging Liver Scholar or APP  chooses to book their hotel separately/stay at a location outside the designated program participant housing block, the Foundation will not reimburse any housing costs. 
  • For all other awards, room and tax charges eligible up to 2 days before/after meetings outside of the awardee’s country of residence, and one day before/after meetings in the awardee’s country of residence
  • Phone calls, in-room entertainment, dry cleaning, health club fees, and other incidentals excluding room service
  • Upgrade fees/packages
  • Penalties or refundable fees (e.g., damage)
  • Lodging expenses for anyone other than the awardee




  • Actual meal expenses at a per diem allowance of $75 for the length of the meeting for the awardee only.
  • Alcohol
  • Meals which are provided as part of the meeting
  • Meals for anyone other than the awardee




Other Expenses
  • Examples of other eligible expenses include poster printing, coat/luggage check, Wi-Fi access, or other costs directly associated with attending and/or presenting at the meeting.
  • Tips for porters and/or housekeeping (receipts not required for cash tips)
  • Personal items such as medications, durable goods such as clothing, haircuts or personal grooming, laundry/dry cleaning, social activities, entertainment expenses, or incidentals other than in-room dining
  • Damage to personal items
  • Childcare, housesitting, or pet-sitting fees
  • Passport, vaccination, or visa fees
  • Any fees or penalties for travel changes or cancelations





For more information about AASLD Foundation’s travel reimbursement policies, contact awards@aasld.org.

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